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Pig Drop-Off Monday Afternoon

Pig drop-off is Monday afternoons between 2-5 pm.  If you have friends or customers that have purchased some of the pigs you brought in - please come prepared to fill out their paperwork or get it ahead of time from them. We need all cut sheets before you leave from dropping off your pigs on Monday.


We will call you the week before to remind you of your appointment and answer any questions that you may have. We will take the time to help you with all your paper work when you drop-off your pigs. We will slaughter your pigs on Tuesday. We will confirm that your order is complete on Thursday by email or phone - let us know which contact method is better for you. Your order will be ready for pick-up that Friday. You can pick-up anytime between 7 am - 5 pm.

We do not have a smoke house at The Local Butcher. If you would like your hams and bellies (bellies for bacon) smoked, you must make an appointment with a smoke house of your choice. We do not make the appointment for you. We would be happy to make a few suggestions for smoking options. Additionally, we do not deliver your product for smoking to your smoke house of choice. Please plan ahead, as the smoke houses are extremely busy as well.


If your product is going to Tiede's Smoke House they will pick it up from The Local Butcher only if you have an appointment with them that you have made. This needs to be done ahead of time. We have smoke sheets at our plant for Tiede's, and will be happy to help you fill them out when you drop-off your pigs with us.


When filling out your cut sheet, if Hams or Bellies are going to a smoke house, they will be left whole at The Local Butcher. The smoke house will smoke them whole, and then the smoke house will further process for you.


When you bring in multiple pigs for processing from your farm the trim will be pooled from all your pigs and only your pigs. (We will never mix any of your product with other farms). When you get your sausage back, it will not be separated back out to each pig or 1/2 of pig, but we will show you how to separate it back out according to our spreadsheet we made the sausage by. You will be provided with a copy of the

        If you are splitting a pig into A and B sides those sides must choose the same grind options and order of preference.
        Each farm group of pigs must choose all the same packaging type.
        Each grind choice must be numbered by preference, or we will choose for you.
        Sausage minimum is 25 lbs. 

Smoked Meats

Tiede's Smoke House

Pork Cut Sheet

Multiple Pigs


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