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We accept cash and checks for the invoice amount. If you would like to pay by credit card, please add 3.5% to the total.  We will provide you with 1 invoice broken down by animal or side if you have split the animal A and B. You can easily figure out the cost of our services for each animal or side to bill your own customers.


If you have an appointment with us that you need to cancel please call us as soon as possible.  We maintain an extensive waiting list of people needing appointments.


All cattle at the facility are moved from the pens to the kill chute by the Kill Floor Manager.  Increased regulation with animal welfare, and inspections lack of understanding on livestock handling techniques, makes it increasingly difficult to safely and efficiently move animals from pens to kill chute.  Because of these regulations, the Kill Floor Manager and staff have had to wait hours to work cattle into the chute or off a trailer.  At the Kill Floor Manager's discretion, if your animal can't be moved in a timely fashion, or is too wild to handle using acceptable animal welfare practices, the slaughter fee will be doubled.  If anyone has any questions, please call the shop to speak with the Kill Floor Manager:  603-813-2054.


(Specified Risk Material)  Unless animals are identified with ear tags or tattoos, and have matching birth records we rely on dental exam to determine age for USDA regulation.  If your animal is over 30 months, we charge a $25.00 fee for extra labor involved in meeting federal regulation.   Any birth records you wish to make available to us must be left when the animal is dropped off.


SRM removal has to do with Bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), referred to as “mad cow disease.”  This is a chronic degenerative disease affecting the central nervous system of cattle.  The U.S. food supply is safe from BSE and cattle originating from the U.S are considered to be safe from BSE.  However, one of the safeguards put in place by FSIS, include the removal of specified risk materials (SRM’s) from those tissues in all cattle over 30 months of age that could contain the BSE agent if an animal was infected.


If at all possible, please pick-up on the day we specify your product will be frozen. This is always found in the email we send out with your invoice. If the specified pick-up time creates a problem, please contact us, and we will work with you to make other arrangements.


The local butcher in not set-up to be a storage facility for orders that are complete.  We will try to work with you if there are circumstances out of your control, but as a general rule meat needs to be picked up within 3 business days of when your order is complete.


On our website, you will find an information sheet. This must be filled out and left when the animal is dropped off.  We have them available in the office if you prefer to fill one out with us when you arrive.


Cut Sheets are available on our website. If you have dropped off an animal with The Local Butcher and have not left a cut sheet with us, it is your responsibility to get one to us.  We will not be calling or emailing to remind you that we need a cut sheet.  If we do not have a cut sheet when we need to organize the cut list, we will use our discretion and make up a cut sheet for your animal.  We prefer that you leave us a cut sheet when you drop-off the animal.  This gives us time to ask you questions for the cut sheet you have filled out and to make sure you get what you have asked for. 


Organ meats are processed through with the livers either sliced or whole, tongue whole, and heart whole. We can't processes these further. You will always get your own organ meats back, but if you have multiple animals, all the organs are packed in one box. You will have to separate them back out to your customers.

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